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The P2Pnet news site is now for sale. The site runs news articles which are relevant to peer to peer (P2P) file sharing, showing up the bullying tactics of the RIAA, MPAA and the Big 4 Organised Music Cartel (EMI, Vivendi Universal, Sony BMG and Warner Music).

But for Jon Newton, who runs the site, "time and money have run out for". He cites the loss of advertising revenue due to actions against a number of his advertisers as a reason he can no longer continue with the project.

Jon hopes sell the site to someone who'll keep it going, and would like to keep an editorial position, but if needed he'll just sell the domain and have the current site archived for future posterity.

P2Pnet has been running since 2002 publishing daily articles on P2P filesharing, the actions of the RIAA, MPAA and the Big 4 Organised Music Cartel against their consumers and the problems of DRM. It would be a tragedy if the site closed for good after the years of insightful articles, but things are not looking hopeful.


From this update on the

From this update on the sale, Jon seems to be indicating that P2Pnet will continue in some form. One idea being discussed is a micropayment system where readers pay $0.05-$0.10 (CAN) for the news articles. I'm slightly skeptical if this would work, for someone like me, who doesn't have access to 'online' money only cash this could be a problem. Also P2Pnet are famed for the anonymity of the site, especially when they were sued by Sharman Networks due to a comment one of it's users made, P2Pnet refused to release any information on who the person was. If there is a crediting system to read the pages it makes it much harder to view the site anonymously.

Indeed, I agree. I doubt

Indeed, I agree. I doubt micropayments would work. Probably the best that can happen to p2pnet is for someone who has the money to acquire it, but someone who will only improve it and not turn it into something that it is not supposed to be.

I actually wouldn't mind it remaining exactly as it is and only change the design to something more attractive. Smiling

There has been some good

There has been some good news on this front, Jon has posted that the site is no longer for sale. He's partnering up with an anonymous partner who's taking care of the tech side for him, while Jon is going to diversify his writing by writing for other people for money as well as write for P2Pnet. This is all good news and I wish him the best for the future.

That's good to hear. Looks

That's good to hear. Looks like they'll beef up the layout a bit as well, though not dramatically.

I'm not sure how good those micropayments for authors will work for them, but I guess it's all worth a try. Smiling I wish them best of luck as well.

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