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We call it evolution. It started about 30.000 years ago. "Star Trek" is not the future to which we are transported from the time of dinosaurs and mammoths, we are not in the Enterprise and we don't travel through space at the speed of light, instead we snail through our congested and polluted streets; I am not Spock, you're not Sulu, and there is no Kirk. Instead of trying to solve them, you spent 30.000 years avoiding the problems by inventing new names for them. Thirty thousand years of problems have piled up. And here we are today.

i just completed my first feature movie and i want it to be able to be downloaded for free on sites like pirate bay.

does anyone know how to make this happen?

I have this brilliant idea for a new website. The only problem is my website skills are not up to making it.

Watching Evolve by History Channel, the episode about sex, they shown one guy who said that in the future it may be considered careless to use a typical biological process in order to have kids which involves risks of complications, great pain and unpredictable results in terms of health of the child.

I have updated ‘Philosophy of life’ section in the booklet titled ‘Philosophy of life and other essays’ located at following URL,

May I look for its review by honorable members of the forum.


(B.J. Gupta)

I am required to read this book for a European history class. It is old, published in 1910, so it is in the public domain and on Wikisource. I found Chapter 1.6 relevant to this site, in particular the last paragraph:

This news title got me a little curious about the whole topic espoused by this lawsuit: Psystar claims Apple has invalid Mac OS X copyright.

I have no idea whether Psystar is right here or not, nor does that even matter to me. I just realize that if Psystar was to anyhow successfully defend against this lawsuit it would set a rather interesting precedent.

"Asking 'shall we watch a film?' could soon be replaced by 'shall we watch a dream?'" says a RegHardware article about World's first 'thought images' seen on screen.

Japanese scientists apparently managed to read a mind and visualize some of its content, in this case letters previously shown on the screen to test subjects.

Is a free and open stock market a possibility? I am curious to know what all of you think about a stock market system based on complete openness in terms of financial reporting and the ability of any person to become an investor. All transactions must be open and reported. All gains and losses must be public knowledge. What legal restrictions would stand in the way of a non-profit company created to accomplish this task?

Well, I was thinking of giving my often lazy machine a workout by folding. Has anyone else tried it out before? Should there be a Libervis folding team? Discuss.