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On we explore the good uses of technology, those that put technology in the service of individual liberty, personal empowerment, betterment of society as a whole, and building a better future. We provide key resources that can help you use technology to advance these purposes, and we discuss the implications that technological trends, meshing with social trends, have for these values.

Since December 2005 was the sister site to, launched as an alternative community support forum for Linux & Free Open Source Software. In fact, we first had it on to kinda follow the schtick of, but we quickly switched just to


Technology is constantly changing. It seems as though computers, televisions, media players and smartphones are more advanced the second you purchase a new one. While some people keep their electronics for longer periods of time, there are others who prefer to stay on top of the latest trends. No matter when you choose to get rid of your old electronics, you need to learn how to recycle them properly to protect the environment. DirecTV makes it easy for you to recycle all your electronics.

DirecTV Electronics Recycling has been founded in September 2004, almost exactly 9 years ago, as an open source community platform. Since then it has evolved through a number of iterations. We gathered around a small community of Free and Open Source Software enthusiasts and made this a place where we talk about the politics and economics of software development, and later the political and economic implications of technological development and application in general.

I love books, but find it can be difficult to read more than one at a time. This means that there are many books that I make a mental note to read; a kind of book interest queue. I work the queue when I next get a chance. One challenge is that my mental book queue often exceeds my capacity for good recall. There are also many books that I have read that have made some positive contribution to my life. These special books drive me to share the experience with others.

Is online privacy dead?

Facebook Growth

There are many reasons why you should be concerned about online privacy. Stalking on the internet can lead to unwanted offline encounters, blackmail, fraud, cyber-bullying, and personal details, which you’d rather not have the world know about, falling into the wrong hands.