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On we explore the good uses of technology, those that put technology in the service of individual liberty, personal empowerment, betterment of society as a whole, and building a better future. We provide key resources that can help you use technology to advance these purposes, and we discuss the implications that technological trends, meshing with social trends, have for these values.

It's a discussion site

I have noticed that some people outside Libervis don't quite understand what Libervis is. For example:

LWN wrote:

Of hypocrisy and the FSF (Libervis)

Libervis asks why the FSF sites run Debian when Debian is not on the FSF's list of free distributions.

Which was linked to from the BLAG forums as "Bad press for libervis".

Libervis never asked anything, it's a discussion site. Someone asked something on Libervis, which is quite different.

There is some significant symbolic and historical value in the gesture that the popular Time Magazine exercised this month. It may be remembered as one of the signs of historic change for decades to come.

ECMA has approved Microsofts Office OpenXML and is about to submit it to the ISO/IEC for consideration as an open standard.

However, as it currently stands, this format cannot be considered a proper Open Standard and approving it for standardization is therefore a bad idea. ODF Alliance has issued a facts sheet stating certain points which describe the ECMA process and reasons why OpenXML can hardly be considered an Open Standard.

Groklaw writes: "Here's the latest report from the Iowa antitrust litigation, Comes v. Microsoft, Inc., being held in Polk County District Court. We have excerpts from transcripts of Thursday's and Friday's sessions, including a 2004 email from Jim Allchin to Steve Balmer and Bill Gates in which he says Microsoft had lost sight of what customers need and that he himself would buy a Mac, if he didn't work for Microsoft."

This entry makes it so clear that Microsoft deliberately uses monopoly practices to stifle competition. It backs it up with actual evidence. Read more

Introduction to Freedom

If you want to know what freedom is, read on, we will define freedom and explain some of the important issues regarding its preservation in our society, which we believe you should care about. We will also try to shed some light around some of the common misunderstandings regarding these issues.

When we discuss freedom on (as we so often do one way or another) we are usually talking about rights people should always have and be able to exercise in any situation. In basically all cases the freedom comes down to a rather simple and easy to understand principle: