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On we explore the good uses of technology, those that put technology in the service of individual liberty, personal empowerment, betterment of society as a whole, and building a better future. We provide key resources that can help you use technology to advance these purposes, and we discuss the implications that technological trends, meshing with social trends, have for these values.

For long, Java was among software that presented some major legal and political hurdles to GNU/Linux. Including Java in a GNU/Linux distribution meant tainting it with non-free software, something not all GNU/Linux users are keen on using. Another which the Java issue is usually paired with is Adobe Flash, and indeed the two were on the spotlight of FSF's efforts of developing some kind of a solution, a Free alternative. But today, Sun is resolving the Java issue once and for all. Java is becoming Free Software and Richard Stallman, the FSF founder himself, is endorsing it. What a great day and a big win for Free Software! Let's hope that Flash goes next. There is some hope after the recent partnership between Mozilla Corp. and Adobe.

Should FSF sue Novell?

A recent article by LinuxJournal's Nicholas Petreley, named "A five year deal with Microsoft to dump Novell/SUSE", points to the contradiction in statements of the two companies in regard to the patent infringement issue and calls for two things, for customers and users to essentially boycott Novell SuSE ("first front") and FSF to take a stand and actually sue Novell ("second front"). The latter is obvious from a statement which also reflects an apparent disagreement with GPLv3 as means of combating DRM, quoting:

Ideas can't be owned

Doc Searls has published a well written article on what is an extremely important issue today, the issue of ownership of ideas, contrasting the lock down of innovative ideas with the value of opening them up towards further cooperative development. He has named the article as Ten ideas about Ideas presenting ten points about the nature of ideas and the best way to release their potential.

Excuse a rather extreme contrast painted by the title as I point you to quite an interesting article on Free Software Magazine about recent events regarding the deal between Novell and Microsoft and how it relates to the Free Software community. The contrast is put between a 100% Free Software distribution which has had it's first major release under FSF's sponsorship, gNewSense, and our latest apparent sell out, Novell.
On a related note, RedHat has already had its say on this controversial deal and has quite provocatively stated that they will be here in one year and Novell will not.

Novell Sells Out?

Update: Groklaw reveals more: "MS FUDs like SCO, Red Hat Responds. and MS/Novell Transcript Available" - It's worth a read as the situation is getting ever more interesting with the latest words from Ballmer, calling for patent talks with competing GNU/Linux vendors
Groklaw has some strong words in regard to the recently forged partnership between Novell and Microsoft. There are a few intriguing points to consider. The first is the seeming legitimization of Microsoft's software patents rights over some of GNU/Linux code by Novell's royalty payments to Microsoft which implies that Microsoft has just set up the only legal and licensed route to distributing GNU/Linux through Novell (as Bruce Perens explains). The second is a potential violation of GPL that may have ensued by the initiation of the patent license between Novell and MS.