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On we explore the good uses of technology, those that put technology in the service of individual liberty, personal empowerment, betterment of society as a whole, and building a better future. We provide key resources that can help you use technology to advance these purposes, and we discuss the implications that technological trends, meshing with social trends, have for these values.

Free Software Magazine for April 2005 has been released as a "non-free" issue first that you can get after subscribing and thus supporting it's future. It will become freely available in May 15th.

Some breaking news "leaked" into the libervis blog by Charles Schulz from LANG Confederation saying that "Sun would put its JRE (not Java!) under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL)" This well goes with another news story published by, on this page saying: "Sun Microsystems intends to make Java Enterprise System available as an open source product that will define the company as truly committed to open source, according to a report."

It is my pleasure to announce you the Libervis GNU/Linux project, a project of creating a lightweight, fast, scalable and secure GNU/Linux distribution built exclusively with Free Software. The distribution will feature the newest Xorg and GNU systems, excellent and fast preconfigured twm (Twisted Window Manager), Vimacs Office Suit, the best and latest Netscape web browser and best of all, a new security system that protects your system by randomly halting your network connection. It will operate by the "less is more principle" and will therfore not include GNOME, KDE or Xfce (too slow, too big). The first stable release is expected to come out in April 1st 2006 (trust us, it will horn out:). To find out more, wait until we tell you.

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The first issue of Tux Magazine has been released. Tux Magazine is aimed at users who are new to GNU/Linux and is available only online in PDF format, after filling in a small survey.

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An excellent article appeared on newsforge about the increased dependancy of on Java and the repercussions of it on the FOSS community because Java *is not* Free Software.
Read the forum post and discuss further here..