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On we explore the good uses of technology, those that put technology in the service of individual liberty, personal empowerment, betterment of society as a whole, and building a better future. We provide key resources that can help you use technology to advance these purposes, and we discuss the implications that technological trends, meshing with social trends, have for these values.

Happy New Year!

The year 2004 is ending. It has been the most interesting year for both the world as a whole and the FOSS community. It was the year of linux success, firefox (r)evolution, patent struggles... and the year marking the start of center. It has also surely meant something to everyone of us. I wish everyone that visited this site, from lurkers to top posters a very happy and succesful new year 2005! Let us all live in peace and be libervis (latin: most free).

Libervis reviewed has got it's first review. It is written by Tina Gasperson from newsforge. It's short, but to the point...
" From a village near Zagreb, Croatia, comes, a Free Software-oriented site that seeks to build a "community center" that welcomes all people interested in Free Software, whether "supporters of the pragmatical open source ideology or pure free software ideology." - Exactly, no need to add anything. Read hereI won't rest until we acomplish our vision. I think both free software and open source communities would have a use for a place to be free to talk about anything that interests them in regard to FOSS.

Thank you

Here we go, now you can automagically connect to #libervis and #linuxforums irc channels right away, even if you don't have an IRC client installed. All you need is a browser with Java plug-in and you're set. Just click on "IRC Chat" from the main menu and the Java client will start loading. You'll be connected and ready to talk in a bit. Smiling You can also open join any other channels as well, it's fully functional.
We wont stop until this site becomes the community mainframe breeding to be a "node", interstation for communication, discussion and growth of free software community.
Thank you.

Wiki is ready

The remaining client side bugs and issues have been squashed and wiki is now up and ready to start filling with your/our content. The role of this wiki is to serve as a community knowledge and information resource on free as in freedom and open source software related topics built by a community itself.Currently, only registered members can edit and add content (registration is fast and easy) to avoid bad content (such as spam). You can add anything you think may be a good content for free software and open source community. It can be one sentence or a whole informative article. Thank you.

Wiki is waking up..

.. but only for registered members it would seem. The wiki system was on hold for some period of time now due to some bugs and issues affecting it's functionality. However, most of the problems are now solved and bugs fixed and wiki is now functional for registered members. It supports both html and xoopscode via standard xoops editor used everywhere on this site. However, there seem to be one last issue left unsolved regarding the permissions system which currently unables it to be viewable to anonymous users. ...I am in a constant contact with the developer of this module and i expect that the solution would be provided soon. The wiki will be at least readable to non-registered members, but editing pages might be restricted to only registered members for the sake of avoiding spam and bad contents.
In the meantime, if you are a registered member feel free to log in and use it to write some interesting content you think would be useful or read what's already in. If you're not registered, registration is so simple that a baby could do it. It doesn't requires activation so you'll be ready to go in a minute, not only for editing the wiki, but for posting on forums, submitting articles, becoming a blogger, posting comments everywhere you want etc.

Thank you
Danijel Orsolic