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On we explore the good uses of technology, those that put technology in the service of individual liberty, personal empowerment, betterment of society as a whole, and building a better future. We provide key resources that can help you use technology to advance these purposes, and we discuss the implications that technological trends, meshing with social trends, have for these values.

An official Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel has been created and registered at freenode. You are invited to join and chat about anything that interests you in regard to free software and open source.
The server is on port 6667 and our channel is #libervis.
What are you waiting for, hop in and talk! Eye

New official design

I am glad to report that now has a new official design. The old design, which was pretty good was not free to share and i therefore looked to replace it. This new one is based on completely free xoops default template and will be free under GPL licence for everyone interested to download and implement on other sites as well. I hope you like it. Among other news is that i upgraded to newbb 2 rc3 forum system and it now runs much better and faster and has alot of cool features. In the final it'll be the best. Smiling Stay hooked.
Thank you

Libervis community newsletter has just been launched. The edition 0.1 (beta) has been dispatched to all (and only) members that agreed to recieve e-mail notices upon registration. Every recipient is however free to opt our any time by clicking on unsubscribe link at the bottom of the letter. ...The newsletter is planned to go weekly informing the community of the latest interesting events, forum topics, articles and blogs from the last week. It might just come in handy in case you forget us and miss something you would be interested in.
Note that the newsletter is officially in it's beta stage so it's appereance and functionallity might change a bit in future editions. You are also welcome to use the contact form if you haven't got it or you have problems viewing and using it.

Thank you
Danijel Orsolic

I decided to allow every registered member to edit and add content to our new wiki as wiki has to naturally be edited by a greater number of people. However, i invite only ones who know about the topics to edit those topics. Spam is of course not allowed inthere. Additionally, we have a new and much more sofisticated FAQ system that allows you to submit questions or both questions and answers you'd like to have inside FAQ. All registered members are allowed to submit.

You might have noticed in the last couple of days that some or all articles were missing or not displaying. It was the problem with our article system probably contradicting with another module (maybe our newbb2 or a wiki) or due to the file corruption. Whatever it is, it is being solved. Even though some articles and comments are still not displaying they are NOT lost, they are all backed up and are going to be reinserted to the database. Additionally, the Libervis .WIKI is what's new also. :)This problem is about to be solved this weekend. I will reinsert the old important data such as articles and comments as well as vote data and read counts into the new database tables in order to restore all content that existed here. Actually there were not much, however, the "Open Source And Post-Capitalistic Society" had alot of comments for which would be pitty to just dissapear off the site, so it will all be restored.

More to it, we now have a new and better articles system that is likely to be much more stable and functional than the old one, which was rather troubled i must say.

I am writing this as i want to keep this site development, activities and evolvement as open as possible, no secrets here. When we have a glitch or a problem, i wont leave you in dark. You gotta know what was wrong.

However, i assure you that these problems would be much rarer or non-existent in the future as the site systems are evolving as well as the site itself. We're still at the beginning of our web journey so i think you'll agree with me when i say that it is not a wonder if we hit a few technical bumps here and there, bumps that are gonna be resolved completely and leave us with more experience and a better, more stable and functional site.

Please do come back frequently as the site is about to get much richer with interesting content. I just added a wiki which is about to serve as an information repository covering all free software/open source related topics. We will scoop the forums for interesting discussions and often requested information and "frame" them into this WIKI repository.
And it wouldn't be a wiki if you were not able to edit and add contents yourself. Therefore, all you need to do to edit a wiki is register and contact me to upgrade your account to wiki editor. However, depending on the interest and also on your input, i might enable every registered user to edit wiki in the future, without the need for contact requests. Then i only have to find the way of filtering possible spam and low-quality contents.

Stay tuned and you'll see what will be born out of that. Eye

Daniel Orsolic