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On we explore the good uses of technology, those that put technology in the service of individual liberty, personal empowerment, betterment of society as a whole, and building a better future. We provide key resources that can help you use technology to advance these purposes, and we discuss the implications that technological trends, meshing with social trends, have for these values.

I am happy to announce that i succesfully upgraded the old NEWBB 1 forum with NEWBB 2 RC1 which carries alot of great new features of which some have been multiple times requested. The new forum will serve as a much better "community infrastructure" now allowing you to add polls, quick reply, rate topics and be rated yourself by the new level system according to your forum activities. :-)
Go here to read more and give us some feedback and suggestions.
Thank you

In order to support the ongoing fight against software idea patents as a threat to the free open source software development and our computing freedom i added a new page on that lists some useful software patents resources and links to the important petitions you're invited to sign.Also, i added some banners in 468x60 format that you can use to link to that page as a way of showing your support for this important issue. The page will be maintained and updated periodically and we will soon add some new banners in different sizes. There will be a competition organized for the best banners in different formats of which the best winning 468x60 banner will rotate on top of the site pages. The winners may be awarded with free e-mail address at and a free subdomain. Stay tuned. :-)

Daniel Orsolic

As the administrator and webmaster of this site i'm letting you know that i switched to linux as my primary operating system after being stuck with windows for too long. Just this weekend i installed Mandrake 10, a very recommended linux distro that is easy to use and desktop ready. This will allow for better management of this site as linux is more stable and featureful, but most importantly i'm now able to setup a local test site identical to the one you're on right now in order to test new features that will be implemented on this site, before they actually get implemented.Being on linux makes it possible to integrate all work in regard to in one system and one functional environment, while at windows, setting up an Apache server with mysql database and PHP would not be as native and productive as it is in linux.
And afterall, as a strong freedom software advocate, it is natural for me to use linux as the ultimate free operating system.
This site is just starting, it may be rather quite some times, but i assure you it will get more activity and valuable content through time. Why don't you be one of the first to join and share your vision and opinions on freedom software and open source, right now! It costs nothing except a minute of your time, and you could end up having a nice discussion from which you might learn some things, conivence or get convienced.

Thank you

In Saturday August 28th 2004 is the first International Software Freedom day that will be celebrated in many countries all over the world as well as online. It is one day in a year dedicated to the free software and open source movements, to the fight for software freedoms. You are encouraged to visit in order to find out more about it and how can you participate.In order to promote this yearly event, will display exclusively Software Freedom Day banners on top of the page linking to the Software Freedom Day homepage where you can get all the relevant information about it and how could you participate. We will also run a forum topic where you can all shout out your message in regard to this special ocassion. Your messages can be a few sentences on your expectations for the future of free software and what we need to do to ensure celebrations of many more Software Freedom Days.

Here are some additional resources about Software Freedom Day:

Software Freedom Day Online - homepage

Opinion: Software Freedom Day - an article from OS News

Celebrating Open Source - IT web article

Thank you.
Daniel Orsolic

Changing the slogan from "open source community node" to "free software community node". Why? Because YOU should know it's all about freedom and being free. The term "open source" seems to hide that meaning. And this site is "libervis = most freely or = vision of liberty (that is, freedom). We therefore encourage the use of the term "free software"!The main slogan for this site has been changed. It's never too late to do the right thing, even if the site has already launched and the old slogan is being promoted. The new slogan is "free software community node" instead of "open source community node" simply because i am convienced that it even better represent the mission of this site. This site is about building a stronger community around free software movement and open source movement. It is where you can discuss both which are actually almost the same thign. But however, there is one IMPORTANA difference between those two terms which is very relevant to The term "open source" represents only the openess of the source code actually hiding the fact that it is all about "freedom". The open source movement founded in 1998, based on free software movement is founded in order to present the practicallity and superiority of free software as well as it's friendliness to businesses which feared the term "free" thinking that they'll go out of business providing their product for free. Open source amplified the fact that free software can be commercial therefore attracting business to get involved in it.
While we can be thankful for the open source movement for that, we cannot and should not forget the very reason why free softwar exists today. It exists so that we could have freedom from domination, freedom from, as RMS said, "betraying" other people by agreeing that we will not share the software when we buy and use proprietary software.
The term "free software" is better and should be highly encouraged because it represents the freedom as the main and most important issue regarding the free software and so called "open source" software.
Both movements form the same community which is welcome to reside around these forums asking questions, getting answers, discussing etc. But, officially, this site will support the "free software movement" and the term "free software" which started it all anyway.
Therefore, when refering to our community as a whole, i'll refer to it with both terms putting "free software" in front and then "open source" after slash "/" (free software/open source) or will simply refer to it as "free open source community".

Thank you
Daniel Orsolic