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On we explore the good uses of technology, those that put technology in the service of individual liberty, personal empowerment, betterment of society as a whole, and building a better future. We provide key resources that can help you use technology to advance these purposes, and we discuss the implications that technological trends, meshing with social trends, have for these values.

As expected and planned, is starting to grow. The site is becoming more active and therefore more interesting to our visitors (i.e. you) because now you have much more to read, comment on or discuss. However, it is just the beginning. The site is going to grow further both in it's quality and it's quantity measures providing you the best experience of the open source/free software universe.The growth being experienced includes the increase of the visitors per day, very fast increase of our link popularity, the slow but sure increase in number of registrations all resulting in the increase of interesting content on forums. And while it's all in it's infancy, even at these rates, further growth and even acceleration can be reasonably expected. That by itself can be a reason more for you to join and by joining additionally helping the growth of this site.
The latest article, "open source and post-capitalistic society" had a good impact on the open source/free software community, being published on newsforge and linux today as well as recommended on a few places as an interesting reading material. It started quite a discussion which you are free to join on the article page among comments or on this forum thread.
I will use this opportunity to announce you another similar article that will be written by one of my associates and based on that existing one. It will clarify some points brought out in the original and enrich it by additional comments by the author. All other information in regard to it will be known to you once it's been published here on We also have a new expert blogger that is willing to contribute the community in our blogs section. If you stay with us, you'll be able to know who. Eye

I hope that these are the reasons enough to stay tuned to

Thank you!
Daniel Orsolic

Upon completion of resolving some basic issues that were to be resolved before this site is considered fully functional and officially completed i hereby proclaim this site to be OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED!The issues that had to be resolved included the P3P compliant privacy policy creation, mission statement development, some technical problems fixing and the improvement and completion of site's user experience.

The "official launch" marks the starting point of more aggressive promotion campaigns in order to make the world aware of the new and special place we are creating here as well as of it's purposes. As a result of that, you may see this place becoming more active from day to day or week to week from this date.

Of course, the official launching of the site doesn't means that there will be no work and improvements done on this site. It only marks the point when all basic work in order to consider this site complete is done. We will upgrade the FAQ section with more valuable information including the usage HOW TO as a help for using this site if you'll need it.
Besides that, this site will naturally always grow improving it's service and usability by growing it's dynamic content including articles, blogs and forum sections as well as links and downloads sections (when we would have download items).

Please, feel free to explore this site, and if you have any interest in open source/free software and any topic found and covered by this site, feel free to join.

I hope you enjoy using this site!
Thank you!

While the site is already active and available for new registrations looking nearly complete with some basic contents and category's, there is alot yet to do until the official launch when the site would be exactly as it is planned for it. After official launch, you may expect more activity, contents and life in this place.The things i am working on include privacy policy deployment research and deployment, possible XHTML and CSS compliance and validation, some accesibility issues etc. There may also be some 'interface' changes such as menu items categorization, special permissions and organization for blogging and maybe some other minor changes to what it is like now. I am writing all this to show my openess to you regarding this project and also to have you aware of that this site is really being worked on thouroughly. It gives it a great potential of achieving the set goals, isn't it?! Eye
All that said, i believe that the official launching of this site will happen somewhere in the begining of august when it may just start flourish. However, you are free to join and help by posting at existing or start other related interesting threads . Early members may have some privileges. :-)
Thank you!

Greetings again.

I'd like to keep you updated about what i am doing on this site so you be sure it's getting closer to it's final launch (at least version 1, version 2 would be yours to mold Eye I designed a logo for this site, you might want to check it' 'story'.. Just click to read more..After a little research on appropirate freedom symbols and the way i can incorporate it into the logo of this site for it to visualy symbolize the meaning of the word libervis ('most free' or 'vision of liberty') and therefore the main principle of the site (freedom) i finaly designed the what is to be the official logo of this community portal. So let's describe it a bit (it's on top of the page). The logo generaly represents the eye that envisiones freedom to the whole world which is symbolized with the freedom logo in the middle and the shade of blue planet earth from the left. The freedom symbol in the middle is designed by Katherine Phelps and has been taken from here with the permission that is given on the site. She explains the symbol: 'I have created a symbol that I trust people will find useful and pass on. The image is of the sun rising out of a box. The idea is that we are better able to shine, to grow to our full potential, when we are able to live freely.'

This is the first 'official' news i am publishing regarding the development of open source/free software community portal. This text is also meant for testing as well as for informing any of you, our first visitors of my activities as this site's webmaster.I am almost sure that the 7dana design would be used on this site, but modified to suite the intended image. Therefore, what you may see now is not exactly what it would finaly look like. As well as for the structure of the site (blocks), some slighter changes may still be made. Also, we have to add some basic starting category's (with future in mind) to articles and weblogs sections as well as to the forum.
All in all, this site is still pretty far from finished, but the general idea is presented and will be devloped more through the next days.
You are of course welcome to register as our first members.
The introduction on the mainpage is basicaly describing what would be about, but the introduction may be edited to better present our site to first time users, and thourough sections on it and open source in general will be added to the faq section. So, you'll be able to learn everything you need to know about and it's place in the open source/free software universe.