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Note: This needs to be updated. -- DM

In its five years of existence has always been a place where technology enthusiasts discuss both technology and larger social, ethical and political issues. This never changed even as the site went through multiple revisions in form and scope.

Today, the focus is on raising awareness of the challenges that current and upcoming advanced technologies pose to the way we live and interact with each other and the surroundings as well as promoting a healthy and responsible approach to the use of such technologies.

Advancing technologies and their proliferation inevitably change the social, economic and cultural dynamics. Not only do advancing technologies provide its users with increasing powers, but they could also merge with the users or become the users themselves. We take a serious look not only at the existing technologies which are reshaping the human world as we speak, but technologies which are being anticipated in the relatively near future, namely advanced nano, bio, info and cogno technologies (NBIC).

The primary problem is our readiness to take on the responsibilities these technologies require. The way we think affects the way we act and therefore the way we use technology. Since technology empowers our acting capacities it would effectively amplify the consequences of prevalent mentality in human societies. Those who long for war will be more effective at waging war. Those who long for peace will be more effective at promoting peaceful ideas. The conflict between the mentality that supports destruction and tyranny and a mentality that supports enlightenment and freedom potentially turns into an existential battle that could determine the fate of the human race.

We explore this issue from many different angles and on multiple levels from the ongoing challenges of now widespread digital technology to the awe inspired by exotic technologies of the near future. We also explore related concerns increasingly raised in the popular culture aptly represented by such movies as The Matrix, The Terminator, I Robot, Star Trek and so on.

The ideal promoted is an evolution of the way we think about ourselves, each other and our future. We need to get to the point at which we wont even be tempted to use technology maliciously, as means to subvert or destroy, but rather strive to use it for creation, liberation and sustainable expansion.

The logo of a rising sun represents an emergence of a bright future that could be brought about by new possibilities enabled by technologies should we have only good uses of them. "Libervis" means "most free" from latin, representing the expansion of individual liberties that could also be empowered by technology given its ability to give those who previously didn't have a chance, the power to make a difference for themselves and the world (as is so aptly shown in the example of internet).

The History

I founded in August 2004 as a community site meant to serve discussions about any topic related to Free and Open Source Software, whether philosophical or technical. While the project was nominally a success it grew slower than I had hoped for which pushed me to make multiple revisions to the site in hopes of attracting greater growth. Being still fairly inexperienced with web publishing and community building at the time I made a mistake of making the site's scope too broad. First the scope was expanded to include discussions of Free Culture (like Free Open Source Software, but relevant to digital media as well) and ultimately it covered all technology and its relation to freedom.

While the expansion of its scope turned out to be fairly counterproductive in the long term Libervis community, even if small, spawned quite a few interesting projects.

Some of our articles and projects were widely featured, such as our cooperative article on Free Software model applied to other areas of economy and the FUDZilla Project (an Anti-Disinformation project now retired and archived). We've also cooperated with (sold and changed spirit due to previous owner's personal issues taking too much time), an open search engine, by hosting their official blog for a while, discussing improvements to the engine, doing an interview with the founder and helping create current design. You can read our Libervis 2005 summary here.

From many of the ideas discussed on, other projects such as Libervis Blogs (now discontinued) and were born to create what was called a "Libervis Network" characterized by the mission to promote freedom with technology and by its unique Advertising Policy).

In 2008 and 2009 significant worldview changes, departing from some of the opinions I passionately expressed before on this very site, have led my focus away from Libervis Network and to other efforts as I revised my goals as a web publisher. The results are the founding of, consolidation of all of my web work under the brand of Memeverse Media and subsequent revival of and by streamlining their purpose and making them complementary to the new big picture.

You can find my personal blog and online home at

If you are interested in content from the old (sections which have been discontinued in summer 2006) check out our legacy page. There you will find links to FUDZilla, a gallery of some nice images, old preserved blogs etc.

Thank you for your interest.

Daniel Memenode


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I'm glad you're all out there doin' what you do. Keep on keepin on.

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