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Libervis Advertising Policy

Libervis Network supports Free Culture and as such it promotes and encourages following a certain basic set of ethical standards.

It however accepts and supports a commercial model of supporting financial sustainability which is at this point advertising. However, since allowing all kinds of advertisements would also mean allowing propagation of messages contradictory to our vision and ethical standards we uphold, we believe it was necessary to publish this simple advertising policy that identifies what kind of advertising we should not accept. If you are a potential advertiser, make sure that what you are interested in advertising does not breach any of these points.

That said, adverts that meet any of the following criteria will not be accepted:

This policy might be changed at any time, but changes will not apply to existing agreements. For example, if the community hates a particular ad, and asks for a rule against it, the ad will NOT be removed before the period paid for has ended, but that period then cannot be extended. If an advertisement seems likely to cause a future change to the policy, we might discuss a possible policy change with our community before possibly accepting that ad.

As you can see, there is little to worry about, most advertisements will be accepted immediately.

We hope this is all clear, please do not hestitate to ask questions about this policy to libervis[at]

Thank you
Libervis moderators and community

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