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After 8 Years Nuxified is for Sale

Since December 2005 was the sister site to, launched as an alternative community support forum for Linux & Free Open Source Software. In fact, we first had it on to kinda follow the schtick of, but we quickly switched just to

Since then, like on, we've built up a small community of participants and contributors. I'd like to think we helped quite a few people in their experiences with Linux, even *BSD, and Free Software in general. We've also provided hosting for a few small open source projects like the EasyLFS distribution. We organized the first Freedomware Gamefest in 2007, a global tournament featuring competitions in multiple Free Open Source Software games. Albeit obvious logistical issues proved it to be a pretty big cake to take, it was a limited success, if nothing then due to stubborn persistence to make it through.

We've also published a number of tutorials, guides, reviews, and plenty of editorials commenting on the issues regarding the innards of the Free Software community and the advancement of Linux on the desktop.

However, in 2010 things stalled. With my new job and some life changes I couldn't focus on my sites anymore, but I couldn't bring myself to sell either. Too many fond memories are stored in there, and it was kind of too personal. I took what little advertising revenues I had from it, and kept it up.

But the time has come to let it go. Job loss and financial situation forces me to let it go. In addition, my plans for in 2014 carry some level of overlap with the planned future of, so it makes sense to focus on only one site instead of two complementary ones.

Therefore the future of will lie in somebody elses hands while the future of this site is described here. In a nutshell will provide education and resources promoting "good uses of technology", which translates to those technological utilities that empower individuals and individual liberty, and through that the solution to pressing global issues. Open Source plays a huge role in this, and Free Open Source Software like GNU and Linux play a very significant role in particular.