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Announcement: "Free software" instead of "open source"!

Changing the slogan from "open source community node" to "free software community node". Why? Because YOU should know it's all about freedom and being free. The term "open source" seems to hide that meaning. And this site is "libervis = most freely or = vision of liberty (that is, freedom). We therefore encourage the use of the term "free software"!The main slogan for this site has been changed. It's never too late to do the right thing, even if the site has already launched and the old slogan is being promoted. The new slogan is "free software community node" instead of "open source community node" simply because i am convienced that it even better represent the mission of this site. This site is about building a stronger community around free software movement and open source movement. It is where you can discuss both which are actually almost the same thign. But however, there is one IMPORTANA difference between those two terms which is very relevant to The term "open source" represents only the openess of the source code actually hiding the fact that it is all about "freedom". The open source movement founded in 1998, based on free software movement is founded in order to present the practicallity and superiority of free software as well as it's friendliness to businesses which feared the term "free" thinking that they'll go out of business providing their product for free. Open source amplified the fact that free software can be commercial therefore attracting business to get involved in it.
While we can be thankful for the open source movement for that, we cannot and should not forget the very reason why free softwar exists today. It exists so that we could have freedom from domination, freedom from, as RMS said, "betraying" other people by agreeing that we will not share the software when we buy and use proprietary software.
The term "free software" is better and should be highly encouraged because it represents the freedom as the main and most important issue regarding the free software and so called "open source" software.
Both movements form the same community which is welcome to reside around these forums asking questions, getting answers, discussing etc. But, officially, this site will support the "free software movement" and the term "free software" which started it all anyway.
Therefore, when refering to our community as a whole, i'll refer to it with both terms putting "free software" in front and then "open source" after slash "/" (free software/open source) or will simply refer to it as "free open source community".

Thank you
Daniel Orsolic