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EMI: DRM-free music is GOOD!

"DRM hasn't worked, doesn't work, and never will work, as just about everyone who isn't joined at the hip to the corporate entertainment or software cartels has been saying ever since it first reared its ugly head.

For one thing, anything which can be seen or heard can be copied. That's self-evident. For another, no one but an idiot will ever buy into cartel claims that when you spend good money on a CD or DVD, you're not actually buying it; you're only licensing it for very specific uses.

Then EMI dropped DRM.

Results? Positive, from all appearances.

Speaking at a US music industry event, "The initial results of DRM-free music are good," Macworld UK has EMI vp Lauren Berkowitz declaring." -- Read more

The story goes on to suggest that the rest of the big four will follow suit in switching to DRM-free sales, but the question is when and if it will be too late.

Interesting insight can be picked up from a comment titled "lost customers" saying that "it doesn't matter what PR stunts they pull, I for one will never buy from them again. They lost me as a customer a long time ago, with their vexatious attacks on the vulnerable. The populous has a long memory, and we shall not soon forget what they have done."

Has RIAA lost every chance of regaining some credibility, even after they embrace DRM-free music or, who knows, perhaps even more liberally licensed music some day?