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For Freedom in 2007

I wish everyone reading this site, from regular members to anonymous readers, the very best new year and all the success and happiness you desire. In light of that I wish everyone be free as they deserve to be and I wish for 2007 to be the year of wins for freedom rather than losses. Let's defeat DRM this year. Let's make Free Software ubiquitous! Let's spread the Free Culture far and wide, from music to drawings to movies that escapes the hands of senseless restrictiveness.

In 2007 will continue to promote an open dialog on freedom in a digital world in order to maintain awareness and cut through various relevant issues that will have to be dealt with this year. We will have articles, interviews, commentaries and discussions and possibly much more.

Thank you for being with us last year. You're invited for the ride in 2007. It ought to be exciting!

Your host
Danijel Orsolic


Happy New Year to you...


... and to Libervis and its community!!!

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