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GNOME Foundation member promotes standardization of MS OOXML (updated)

"It appears that the Gnome Foundation is participating in ECMA TC 451 regarding resolving comments and contradictions for DIS 29500. Given the technical shortcomings in the specification and the disregard for process that the backers of DIS 29500 have displayed during the process, Gnome’s participation in this activity is to the detriment of interoperability among office suits."

"Having Gnome team members promoting the agenda of its main opponent, however, is not only counter-productive but also reflects negatively on the project and its credibility" -- Read more

Interesting that a member of a project with "GNU" in a name ("GNU Network Object Model Environment") ends up aiding the fight against free standards which Free Software, spearheaded by the GNU Project, is supposed to support. It smells like infiltration.

UPDATE: In an article titled "Anti-symbiosis: ODF, OOXML, Mono, GNOME, and" Roy Schestowitz writes: ""I exchanged some E-mails with Jeff Waugh and I can confirm that GNOME developers are implementing OOXML. In fact, Microsoft has already use Gnumeric as an illustration that OOXML is allegedly supported by other parties. Rob Weir rebutted this argument very quickly by showing many examples from Gnumeric (we covered this here). He proved that Gnumeric is engaged in the task of achieving the impossible. The GNOME team is, sadly enough, helping the Microsoft agenda. It’s an agenda of lock-in — a digital dark age."

Article also contains further information on what seems to be deliberate fragmentation of between a Windows and GNU/Linux versions.

We could say that the poisons injected through MS's "Linux" deals are beginning to take effect.


It doesn't really surprise


It doesn't really surprise me, the gnome developers seem to be becoming big fans of microsoft technology nowadays... don't a lot of them work for Novell?

Indeed, and Mono is quite a

Indeed, and Mono is quite a big part of GNOME too, which is an implementation of MSs C#..

"if you're going to use


"if you're going to use Linux, we want you to use it to run microsoft software" Puzzled

I think GNOME's "Network


I think GNOME's "Network Object Model" kinda sounds like Microsoft's COM (Component Object Model).

I always wondered what the


I always wondered what the "network object model" in GNOME is. The object model might be GObject (but why include a low level implementation thing in the name of a user interface?), but how is it networked?

"Big" as in "Bloaty"?

libervisco wrote:

Indeed, and Mono is quite a big part of GNOME too, which is an implementation of MSs C#..

Is that "big" as in "bloaty"?

In Ubuntu, which uses Gnome, it seems that hardly anything uses Mono. Having removed Mono from my system, I've noticed that it takes up a lot of space (tens of megabytes) for just a very few actual programs.

I'm hearing contradictory things about Gnome and Mono. Some say that Mono's a big and basic part of Gnome, as if it's a truly essential part of it. Some say it's pretty much been shunned by most of the Gnome developers. Some say that Gnome, as a team, are promoting Mono, doing this and that, etc, while some others say it's pretty much only Miguel de Icaza and some of his fans who are basically making a lot of noise.

What I'm clear on, though, is that Mono is being used for more than just software purposes. Microsoft (and Novell?) like it as a FUD opportunity. There are vocal proponents of Mono who seem to want to encourage people to think it's more important than it really is. There are vocal opponents of Mono (perhaps I'm one) who wish to reject Mono so as to avoid needlessly playing into Microsoft's hands of FUD. And, I imagine, there are vocal opponents of Mono's opponents, who, perhaps, aren't really on Miguel de Icaza's side, as such, but just don't like the political opposition to Mono.

In such an atmosphere, the truth can get lost. Seems there's quite a bit of disinformation about the net :-(

An Example Thread Elsewhere


Here's an example of a thread, in the Ubuntu Forums, in which Mono is argued about. And, yes, I'm one of the vocal participants doing some of the arguing.

Is it just me, or do the more enthusiastic supporters of Mono have a tendency to ignore various points in favour of patent-based straw-men? If Microsoft and its supporters are running a campaign to get various Linux-based systems "contaminated" with Mono, how might they go about it?

Also, how might I be coming across to those who regard the FSF, etc, as irrational zealots? Might I be sounding like a deranged conspiracy theorist? I'm not even in the Free Software camp!


Well, I meant big as in just

Well, I meant big as in just having a significant share of applications that are part of GNOME, some of which are quite important to many people, like F-Spot, Tomboy etc.

Maybe the fact there's so much disinformation just further proves the danger of the situation. On one hand if Mono is Free Software it should be all right, but on the other even if we don't know for sure there are any patents in it that MS could use against FOSS, the mere insecurity within the context of Microsoft's threat and indirect actions (in a recent patent troll suit) is enough to make everyone pause.

It's a sad situation, but I'm thinking, if there's so much confusion and insecurity about the thing the safest possible course of action may be to just avoid it if you can. At least these applications aren't system critical and without alternatives. For the two I mentioned, there are gThumb, and I believe for Tomboy there is Zim.


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