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GNU/Linux Matters non-profit launches a one month fund drive

The GNU/Linux Matters, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Free Software to the masses and the authors of the notable web site have launched a one month fund drive with a goal of raising enough money to cover the costs of one year.

Overall the costs aren't that big considering their ambitious goals. If 245 people donate only 10 euros this fund drive will be a 100% success. Indeed, we are cheering on them and inviting you to help keep them going. Read their appeal here and visit the "keep us going" page here which has all the info you may need including the run down of costs, some questions answered and various ways of helping.


I've taken the freedom and


I've taken the freedom and wrote an article about this on my blog (beware: both links assault you with german content!), hoping to spread the word a bit more and maybe get a few people to support GNU/Linux Matters with a few donations or orders for shirts.

That's great. I'm sure

That's great. Smiling I'm sure it'll be appreciated.


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