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Important questions on OOXML Microsoft wont answer

"As it currently stands, for the ISO community to adopt OOXML as a standard would be the first step toward our cherished Open Internet and Open Standards becoming an asset on the balance sheet of just one company, Microsoft. Recall that Microsoft was held liable by the US government and the EU as a proven monopolist, which illegally leveraged that monopoly to stifle competition. Here are some of the unresolved questions regarding OOXML that Microsoft cannot or simply will not answer" -- Read more


Along came a spider...


Head on the block prediction:

- OOXML is approved following some changes
- MS uses Office etc to insert proprietary elements
- Other apps cannot achieve full import/export capability
- It ends up in court but in the interim years MS makes hay (standard justice lag tactic)

The variable I'm most uncertain of is adoption. Will governments see that it doesn't meet the standard for long term archives, and even if they do will they cave to pressure or seperate enticements?

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