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Iowa Update - Allchin 2004 email: I'd buy a Mac if I didn't work for MS

Groklaw writes: "Here's the latest report from the Iowa antitrust litigation, Comes v. Microsoft, Inc., being held in Polk County District Court. We have excerpts from transcripts of Thursday's and Friday's sessions, including a 2004 email from Jim Allchin to Steve Balmer and Bill Gates in which he says Microsoft had lost sight of what customers need and that he himself would buy a Mac, if he didn't work for Microsoft."

This entry makes it so clear that Microsoft deliberately uses monopoly practices to stifle competition. It backs it up with actual evidence. Read more


Glad I don't Work For Gates


Just glad I don't work for Gates. I get to use Ubuntu and I DO have the freedom to buy a Mac. In fact, I have exercised both of those freedoms.

Personally, I am glad I


Personally, I am glad I don't work for Microsoft. I can exercise my freedom and use Linux and buy a Mac.

Frankly, I have done both!

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