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iTunes Ringtones: Making You Pay Again For Music You Already Own

"When it comes to songs ripped from your CD collection or downloaded MP3s, widely-available software tools allow you to roll your own ringtones instead and put them on a variety of phones."

"But what the world of unencrypted music giveth, DRM-locked media can taketh away. DRM allows media vendors to restrict your fair use rights so that they can be sold back to you piecemeal as "features.""

"The latest example: Apple's announcement that you can now create ringtones of DRM-locked iTunes-purchased music. Apple will only let you convert those tracks to ringtones if you pay another dollar, and, just as you can only move iTunes DRM restricted tracks to the iPod and not other portable players, these ringtones only work on the iPhone." -- Read more (Thanks to p2pnet for a link.)