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This is the first 'official' news i am publishing regarding the development of open source/free software community portal. This text is also meant for testing as well as for informing any of you, our first visitors of my activities as this site's webmaster.I am almost sure that the 7dana design would be used on this site, but modified to suite the intended image. Therefore, what you may see now is not exactly what it would finaly look like. As well as for the structure of the site (blocks), some slighter changes may still be made. Also, we have to add some basic starting category's (with future in mind) to articles and weblogs sections as well as to the forum.
All in all, this site is still pretty far from finished, but the general idea is presented and will be devloped more through the next days.
You are of course welcome to register as our first members.
The introduction on the mainpage is basicaly describing what would be about, but the introduction may be edited to better present our site to first time users, and thourough sections on it and open source in general will be added to the faq section. So, you'll be able to learn everything you need to know about and it's place in the open source/free software universe.