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About | Wiki | Legacy is officially launched!

Upon completion of resolving some basic issues that were to be resolved before this site is considered fully functional and officially completed i hereby proclaim this site to be OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED!The issues that had to be resolved included the P3P compliant privacy policy creation, mission statement development, some technical problems fixing and the improvement and completion of site's user experience.

The "official launch" marks the starting point of more aggressive promotion campaigns in order to make the world aware of the new and special place we are creating here as well as of it's purposes. As a result of that, you may see this place becoming more active from day to day or week to week from this date.

Of course, the official launching of the site doesn't means that there will be no work and improvements done on this site. It only marks the point when all basic work in order to consider this site complete is done. We will upgrade the FAQ section with more valuable information including the usage HOW TO as a help for using this site if you'll need it.
Besides that, this site will naturally always grow improving it's service and usability by growing it's dynamic content including articles, blogs and forum sections as well as links and downloads sections (when we would have download items).

Please, feel free to explore this site, and if you have any interest in open source/free software and any topic found and covered by this site, feel free to join.

I hope you enjoy using this site!
Thank you!