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Let's talk about freedom as it pertains to technology. It's hard not to realize how timely and important this is today, when our dependence on technology is at an all time high and growing, when our technologies are becoming so powerful that we are on the verge of manipulating fundamentals of matter that surrounds us. It's about time we start thinking and talking about what all this means for what may to many of us be the dearest posession, our own freedom.

Technology is power. If all I have are my own two hands (and the rest of my body mind you) it is very likely that I would be able to do less than someone who weilds a tool of some kind, a tool that helps him do what he wants to do far more efficiently than he otherwise would. That's technology and this increased efficiency, and often a whole new capability, is what makes technology empowering. Should we remind ourselves, at this point, of that great old saying? "With great power comes great responsibility." It is pretty easy to extract the logic from this; the amount of necessary responsibility is proportional to the amount of power. Technology as something that gives power therefore is something to be handled responsibly.

This is usually most applicable when "power" here refers to power over others. Certain technologies may very well allow the one who weilds it to have power over one who does not. The question is, should such an arrangement happen at all, if all of the involved are to have freedom?

Well, that's what constitutes the core topic of this site. There are so many questions which start popping up once we actually begin exploring this premise and all of its elements. What technology provides what kind of power? What examples do we know of irresponsible use? What is responsible use? How is technology being used against freedom and what is freedom to begin with? As technologists we often like to discuss fascinating software systems, new technological gadgets and science fiction. Shouldn't we find the time to also discuss the impact the use and proliferation of all these technologies has on our mutual relations and ultimately our freedoms?

Kurzweil says there's a singularity coming and nothing will stay the same. He is predicting such incredible and mind boggling technological progress, but isn't quite saying much about how is this going to affect social relations. He is a transhumanist who believes in merging of humans and machines as something inevitable. Oh really? How about asking me first before you decide it is inevitable that I will become a cyborg. Don't feed the conspiracy theorists!

Seriously, while Kurzweil is all about coming of technological singularity, we at are about the other side of the story that Kurzweil seldom explores, about the consciousness of it all, about what happens to the most basic unit of every society, a human individual and his or her freedom. Will we all have access to these wonderful new technologies? Will we have a choice in what to use and what not to use? Will we actually have control over technological tools that we are dependent on? There are so many questions to answer and so many potential sociological problems. We haven't even solved the current ones, mostly brought about by the digital technology revolution, and we're already looking at paradigm shifts which are making digital technology look like a ride in the park. Wonder Land will get a whole new meaning to an Alice in each of us. Are we prepared?

It seems like a hard question to ask at a time of pending economic crisis in USA and likely the world, caused by nothing less than irresponsible use of power and ignorance of the masses. I would like to think that we technology enthusiasts like to dig deeper, question and tinker, until we get to the bottom of things. What if technology can help us get through the pending crisis as well as take back or reinforce our liberties? How can we use technology to solve our biggest problems and build a better future, an utopia rather than a dystopia?

I believe that if we don't find ways to use technology to the benefit of our freedoms, it will be used by others to its detriment. Is there really anything in between? Somehow our past experiences and current concerns don't inspire confidence.

These are only some of the questions and topics that we are asking and exploring on, a project of building a community of technology enthusiasts looking for more liberty. I have my own ideas about the ways we can face these challenges. What are yours? Feel empowered to share them with us. The construction fields of the always new enlightenment are reopened for you.

Welcome to Libervis. Feel free to introduce yourself and tell us about technologies you're interested in exploring.

Thank you.


Cool new look. But the long

Cool new look. But the long width of the text makes it really hard to read. Fortunately for me, I installed the stylish extension in Icecat and that allowed me to hack the CSS locally, so I can read the text with a smaller width.

I guess it depends from

I guess it depends from person to person and on the resolution you're using. I expected it to be actually easier to read as there are less distractions from sidebars.

Still, if enough people dislike such a width it can be modified. I can add a sidebar of some sort, displaying latest articles for example. Smiling


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