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Libervis Network wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2008

Whether you believe in Christmas and what it commonly stands for it is there. If you were to live alone on a tropic island you probably wouldn't experience christmas at all and would soon remember it as a fading memory. This is because holidays like this one are all about us, the people, and what we make of it. Just going out to a crowd on 24th December, the Christmas eve, you can easily pick up the feeling, as if it was in the air, the people are different. There is an increased percentage of kind spirit because, well, "it's Christmas eve!". Shoppers greet you with smiled faces and give you kind blessings. People in trams talk about snow that just started falling with excitement. And everywhere you see something is glittering.

I don't have to believe in Christmas, the "official story" behind it, to get the network effect that the people have created around it, which is real, and hence does not require believing - merely accepting and giving back. If there was no Christmas we would've probably wished there was one day in a year in which we would actually commonly try to focus on positive feelings. Luckily, no matter its origins, it is there and it is actually the next two days. Smiling

So in the name of Libervis Network I wish you the merriest Christmas days and furthermore the most successful, blissful and freedom-full New Year 2008!

Danijel Orsolic


It's funny you should write


It's funny you should write the words "official story", with quotes, because it is indeed a cover-up. Which later got obscured again by commercialism. Laughing out loud

But I agree, Christmas spirit is nice, I wonder why everyone can't behave like that all year. Oh well, this Christmas night I'll wish the world will be like that, and we'll see what happens.

Have a great Yule!

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