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LINA: like Java, but different

Have a look at LINA. It's a really clever idea - it solves the same problem as Java tries to solve: making all operating systems equivalent using a virtual machine so developers won't have to support multiple platforms. But there's a difference: LINA doesn't require the developer to work with different tools than he is used to, such as the Java compiler, because LINA is linux. Also, there will be a large amount of software available for it from the start, again because LINA is linux. And users will complain less, because the look and feel will be native (looks like windows on windows, like mac on mac).

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I hope companies that make "essential" software will start using this, to gain a few more users. That will make operating systems, and therefore proprietary operating systems, irrelevant. Then again, those same companies didn't use wine, an easier approach for them to go fully cross-platform. But wine has difficulties that LINA doesn't because the environment emulated by wine is full of secrets.

There is a catch: it's a virtual machine, so software running on LINA won't be as fast as software running on the host OS.

Another thing: I'm curious how they think they can dual-license something that is based on the Linux kernel. Or is only the VM dual-licensed?

Considering all this, it remains to be seen how revolutionary LINA truly is. At the very least it's helpful for GNU/Linux-using developers who want to port their software to Mac OS and windows without too much trouble.


It would be awesome if LINA


It would be awesome if LINA was ported to ReactOS too. Keep your old windows applications, run the new FLOSS ones on the same system, and yet don't use MS Windows. I know, using GNU/Linux with wine would work too, but it's nice to have this option too, isn't it?

I just had the story about

I just had the story about LINA opened in a tab. I love where it's going. Looks like one of the viable ways for GNU/Linux to win the market is by making it irrelevant whether it is ran as a host on most systems in the world or not. GNU/Linux ecosystem can now stomp right over any other OS easily, attracting development of crucial applications for it. Laughing out loud

Very nice. And yes, I agree it would be nice to do a ReactOS combination too. Smiling


virtual machine, huh?


That may indeed be interesting. But what I fail to understand is how they are based on the kernel... (good point on the dual licensing...)

Anyway, it seems to be a time for virtual machines everywhere... (Java,Apollo, Python, Silvershit, XULrunner, even has one!)

Indeed, while web based

Indeed, while web based applications are breaking the barriers by offering alternatives to some desktop programs, virtual machines are breaking the barriers for all of the rest of computer programs.

I say bring it on! The OS wars are about to end. GNU/Linux would likely be the winning "behind the scenes" platform while all people will more and more talk about applications, not OSs.

At least that's my quick guess. Smiling

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