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Linspire Linux deal 'worse than Novell'

"The terms of Linux distributor Linspire's agreement with Microsoft betrays a deal "worse" than that between Microsoft and Novell, according to legal expert Pamela Jones.

Jones, author of the Groklaw blog, wrote on Sunday that the Linspire deal requires users to give up all the freedoms they would expect under the General Public License (GPL), the licence governing the use and distribution of much open-source software."

"Announced in June, Microsoft's deal with Linspire was the latest in a series of arrangements made between Redmond and Linux distributors such as Novell and Xandros. Other distributors such as Canonical, Mandriva and Red Hat have spurned Microsoft's advances. The deals involve Microsoft pledging not to sue users of the Linux distributions over alleged--and unspecified--patent "violations" contained in the software." -- Read more



The freedom that GNU advocates is similar to the ideas that started the free market system (here again free means the freedom from interferance by other organizations), Milton Friedman is listed among the libertarians and he is also one of the proponents of the free market system.

The thing is when you give one side freedom of action, another side looses freedom in turn. The capitalist system is based on freedom from interferance by government groups. So now the corporations have used their freedom to secure their freedom to act as they see fit, by placing controls on others.

Both the GNU and the free-market system argue that their way make society a better place. Guess now Stallman can't winge on about how Linspire Linux is not being called GNU/Linux since it does not comply with the GPL.

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