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Mum sues Universal over YouTube video

"Stephanie Lenz’s 29-second video shows her son bouncing along to the Prince song ‘Let’s Go Crazy playing in the background.
She wanted to share it with other folks around the world so she uploaded it to YouTube, just like thousands of other proud parents have done."
"Big 4 organised music cartel member Vivendi Universal claimed the recording infringed a copyright."

"And you can barely hear the song."

"Now the EFF is supporting the home-movie mum in a free-speech lawsuit it filed today against Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG)." -- Read more

One has to wonder what is the point of claiming copyright infringement (which is a likely prelude to a lawsuit) for posting a video with a song that is barely recognizable, other than really deliberately trying to suppress freedom of expression in order to more easily exert more control. Outside of that power grubbing context, it just does not make any sense.