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Net neutrality advocates reap what they sow

It has finally come full circle. There was a problem, whether perceived or real. Corporations were seen as intending to ruin the level playing field on the internet by starting to prioritize certain types of traffic over others. We feared that before we know it access to small and lesser known web sites and businesses that they represent would be slower and worse than access to more popular and larger web outlets. We feared that the wealthy would end up cornering the online market while completely shutting off small business.

So what was the supposed solution to this? Why of course, get the government to solve the problem for us. This is nowadays apparently the first thing that comes to a typical mind when perceiving a social problem: government intervention, or in other words, begging the government to point their big guns at the bad guys and protect us from their treachery.

Simple honest questioning of such a problem solving strategy would reveal just how much does it defy logic. It is quite simply an appeal to a bigger gang to protect us from the treachery of the smaller gangs, somehow stupendously assuming that the bigger gang isn't capable of even bigger treachery.

But alas, it has come full circle and what was poised to happen from the beginning has happened. And now we have a "REAL Net Neutrality" campaign. What happened? Well, the net neutrality legislation everyone wanted so much turned out to be something quite different from what was expected. Oh what a surprise. Government was essentially begged to intrude the last vestige of freedom and liberty we had and now we're supposed to be all so surprised to see it actually wreak damage on those liberties and even help the very enemies, those evil corporations, we've been fighting!

Seriously, could the common political activist really be any more naive? I'm afraid that includes the EFF who have been at the fore front of net neutrality legislation campaign.

Let's sum this up in few short words: you begged the government to intervene and the government gladly did so, and now that they have a legislative foothold on the internet that YOU asked for, they're giving you a kind finger. So what do you do? You go beg some more? "Oh, but that's not what we meant! You see we want REAL net neutrality!".

Good luck with that. The train has left the station.

It's just quite interesting how people miss out on such an obvious fact, leaving aside for the moment the fact that government is nothing more than just another group of self interested people whom you mistakenly believe in are acting in your interest, the fact that corporations are the ones who rule the government as much as it rules the corporations. It's a cozy symbiotic relationships. The two need each other.

So how come so many people still expected that government will actually act, once it starts regulating the internet, against the interest of those corporations?

Again, naivette of the highest degree.

So what do we do now? Well I'm afraid that if I tell you I'd be brushed off immediately. But I'll say it anyway.. Get the government off the internet! They will never solve the corporatist problem for you. They will only worsen it in more ways than one. The only way to solve problems is through market pressures, education and other voluntary means, not the big guns of the government.

The sooner people realize that the sooner we will get out of this pathetic cyclical game of problem solving by means of government coercion and finally start making real progress in improving our societies.