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New iPods reengineered to block synching with Linux

"The latest iPods have a cryptographic "checksum" in their song databases that prevents third-party applications from synching with the portable music players. This means that iPods can no longer be used with operating systems where iTunes doesn't exist -- like Linux, where gtkpod and Amarok are common free tools used by iPod owners to load their players.

Notice that this has nothing to do with piracy -- this is about Apple limiting the choices available to people who buy their iPod hardware." -- Read more

It's easy to love Apple. They still often appear as an innovative, cool and exciting company with an amazing history, but under this beautiful face, it appears that what we have is not much different than Microsoft. If they continue like this, I wouldn't be surprised (and would actually support the idea) of an antitrust case against them.

Apple is a monopolist. That needs to be said more often.



making it said more often


Apple is a monopolist. That needs to be said more often.


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