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New York teen sues record industry

"A New York teen, dubbed a pirate by the Record Industry, is counter suing them for defamation, violating anti-trust laws, conspiring to defraud the courts and making extortionate threats.

In papers responding to a lawsuit filed by five record companies, Robert Santangelo, who was 11 when he is supposed to have downloaded music, has come out fighting. He denies sharing music using P2P technology and says it's impossible for the record companies to prove that that he did." -- Read more and digg it.

Kudos to this young man for bravery to do something like that. This seems to be a wide sweeping case which in one blow rightly accuses the industry of everything it is doing in its terror campaign against so called "pirates". They have done so many crimes so far that they well deserve to be disbanded as an organization and member corporations penalized in hundreds of millions of damages multiple times over. Will they ever face such a justice is a hard and open ended question, but one thing is sure; they have to be stopped and they will be stopped.


terror campaign

libervisco wrote:

"terror campaign"

Those quotes shouldn't be there. It really is a terror campaign: they're filling people with the terror of being arrested for sharing.

You're right. Quotes

You're right. Quotes removed.

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