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Novell Sells Out?

Update: Groklaw reveals more: "MS FUDs like SCO, Red Hat Responds. and MS/Novell Transcript Available" - It's worth a read as the situation is getting ever more interesting with the latest words from Ballmer, calling for patent talks with competing GNU/Linux vendors
Groklaw has some strong words in regard to the recently forged partnership between Novell and Microsoft. There are a few intriguing points to consider. The first is the seeming legitimization of Microsoft's software patents rights over some of GNU/Linux code by Novell's royalty payments to Microsoft which implies that Microsoft has just set up the only legal and licensed route to distributing GNU/Linux through Novell (as Bruce Perens explains). The second is a potential violation of GPL that may have ensued by the initiation of the patent license between Novell and MS.
It will be interesting to see further developments on this new topic. We will be covering it.
Feel free to discuss it in our forums and below.