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Official launch in august!

While the site is already active and available for new registrations looking nearly complete with some basic contents and category's, there is alot yet to do until the official launch when the site would be exactly as it is planned for it. After official launch, you may expect more activity, contents and life in this place.The things i am working on include privacy policy deployment research and deployment, possible XHTML and CSS compliance and validation, some accesibility issues etc. There may also be some 'interface' changes such as menu items categorization, special permissions and organization for blogging and maybe some other minor changes to what it is like now. I am writing all this to show my openess to you regarding this project and also to have you aware of that this site is really being worked on thouroughly. It gives it a great potential of achieving the set goals, isn't it?! Eye
All that said, i believe that the official launching of this site will happen somewhere in the begining of august when it may just start flourish. However, you are free to join and help by posting at existing or start other related interesting threads . Early members may have some privileges. :-)
Thank you!