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Pendulum has swung in the open source debate

A very interesting blog entry is coming from one of the unlikely places, a CNet blog. A lot of what the author of this article, Matt Asay, says strikes incredibly close to what we have been writing about right here and here.

So by all means let's hear him out:

"Once upon a time, the term "open source" was coined to save the free-software world from itself--or, rather, from the free-software zealots, as you can read on the Open Source Initiative's Web site.

Today, I can't help but feel that the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, where we're so self-satisfied with the money we're making off open source that we have neglected the essential freedoms that make open-source profit possible."

Interesting. Freedoms? Haven't the smart Open Source founders judged the talk of freedom as not business friendly? Well, looks like they're being proven wrong. Matt certainly doesn't feel they were right:

"I'm an ardent capitalist who likes having money--and the more of it, the better. But I recognize that free markets depend on...freedom. It's as true in software as it is in rice commodities."

Bingo! Finally, the word is out. Freedom and business go hand in hand. Wow, what a discovery indeed. So what's the point of Open Source? I guess, it is just something the losing side can use as a leverage to undermine the revolution that Free Software is undertaking.

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It's good to read that

It's good to read that people who are not students of etc. are waking up to how important freedom is Smiling

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