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Proprietary software an anomaly

Besides an interesting title this little story has an interesting conclusion:

"What we found is that selling pre-packaged software is a fairly small portion of the market. Nobody, or very few, really make money by selling software. Most make money be selling their time." -- Read more

There are, however, other points to be made which support the notion that proprietary software is just an anomaly. The nature of information, which software in essence is, allows for a free flow that the proprietary software model deliberately and artificially blocks. Although the justification for this un-natural act is that programmers gotta make money, this article as well as the existance of a growing Free Software market proves this justification invalid leaving the only other reason behind the existance of a proprietary software model: to make *even more* money, at someones expense.

So yes, proprietary software is a deliberately devised anomaly, a scheme of profiteers who know how to manipulate and abuse human ignorance.