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RIAA commits a yet another unpunished crime: sues a 10-year-old girl

There are so many of these stories that I sometimes hesitate to make them featured news. They should be common knowledge by now and RIAA should be getting punished severely for what they are doing.

But this story will just blow you away. RIAA is suing a 10 year old girl, Kylee Andersen, which is actually a daughter of Tanya Andersen which is being sued previously by RIAA as well. So that's two baseless lawsuits brought upon one family. They are baseless because it is not until deep into the process that the defendants learn what exactly are they being accused of and because they in fact did not have anything to do nor were even capable of doing what they are accused of.

So this is what the freedom loving United States of America, yeah that promised land full of proud patriots who look down on the rest of the world, readily allows to happen repeatedly. Can't one whole government stand up to RIAA or does RIAA somehow own the government, and hence the justice system? In any case this is, in every meaning of the word, absolute evil.

The article features an interview with Tanya Andersen in which she says some quite revealing and disturbing things, such as this interesting bit:

"The weird thing is the other day, I received a phone call from BMG Music asking me to come back because I had been 'such a great customer.' They told me if I signed back up, they'd give me a free CD. I told them No and they asked me why. I told them that maybe they should quit suing their great customers. They guy on the phone told me he didn't even know they were doing that. (I'm sure he was just a telemarketer and it didn't matter much to him.)

There are songs out now that I hear and love and would love to buy the CD, but when I see the recording company, I feel sick to my stomach and won't buy it. It's sad to me because music used to be something that would relax me and make me feel good—it was a huge joy in my life."

She said well to them. What is RIAA supposed to accomplish by suing their own customers? What is it supposed to accomplish by suing anyone at all? Do they honestly believe that this will bring them more sales? Maybe I should ask are we really that silly to believe they are *that* stupid? I don't think they are stupid. I don't think they don't know this is scaring their user base away. I think this grew into the kind of sickness and a new business model only they are capable of pursuing. It's just business as usual to them.

These lawsuits must be bringing quite a bit of profit to them, possibly so much in fact that they are actually willing to let go of the genuine sales of music. It's possible they even know that sales are gonna be dropping anyway, so why not just take as much as possible with you on the way down?

It doesn't seem very outlandish to portray their thinking like this anymore, does it?

But I would like to hope that justice in the end wins. They can't forever get away with things like this. Sooner or later, these real criminals will be brought in and made pay for what they are doing.

I will throw a party on a day this happens, with all the freely license music I can get. Heck, maybe we could burn a few dolls with faces of RIAA execs while we're at it. YES, it's that invigorating what they are doing. That's the kind of hate they are waking up. I believe they are underestimating the uprising they fuel themselves.

Thank you


libervisco wrote: Heck,

libervisco wrote:

Heck, maybe we could burn a few dolls with faces of RIAA execs while we're at it.

If you lived in the USA, you would now be sued for making death threats.

Gosh.. I guess I'm dodging

Gosh.. I guess I'm dodging bullets.. Hmm should restraint myself.

But that'd be quite ridiculous if you ask me. I didn't invent the damn halloween!

Of course that would be


Of course that would be ridiculous, but when enough money is involved, any twisted interpretation of your words becomes "truth".
Most likely you're not important enough to be sued, though.

Anyways, no matter how unreasonable the thing you're opposing is, it's best to always behave reasonable. It makes people more likely to accept what you say.

> Anyways, no matter how

> Anyways, no matter how unreasonable the thing you're opposing is, it's best to always behave reasonable. It makes people more likely to accept what you say.

You're right, of course, but as you might have noticed I've been quite sensitive lately. A darn collision between negative and positive energy in me or something. I guess I just desperately need a let go of some sort somewhere, something that I'll find soon enough I suppose. Eye

My apologies to anyone who may find me harder to deal with than usual. I've become more self centered, annoying and annoyed and nervous, but I know this so I should improve.


Don't beat yourself up


I know exactly what you're talking about.

Any person who values honesty and justice is going to have adverse reactions to the lies and injustices in this world, some of us more than others, and for those who have suffered in the past it can be particularly strong as we don't just empathise, we identify with victims (in psychological terms the difference is empathy is understanding but remaining objective, but if you identify you immerse in the victims experience and become subjective).

The fact is we need a strategy to cope. I tend to find suppression of emotion stressful and that could lead to cancer or such, so I like to let lash and get it off my chest, it's more natural, going with the stimulus-response flow, it makes me feel a lot better.

At the same time we've lots of answers for the big problems in the world, but no individual can take all that on their own shoulders. I'm one guy with one life, and that is a journey, not a destination. I no longer stress that I won't see great plans come to fruition, I don't care if someone else gets credit for my ideas so long as they're implemented, all I can do is my bit to move the process along and to view the retrieval of ethical civilisation as a multi-generational process. Knowing this, I can choose to be content.

That's the critical bit, we have to give ourselves permission to feel good even though these horrid things go on. No lauging while anyone's crying is fine for the immediate vicinity, but it doesn't scale for 6.5 Billion people. You know the good things on your account, grant yourself a happy life.

You're probably right. You

You're probably right. You make some great points.

About suppression of emotion being stressful it is sometimes just as stressful to express it in the wrong way, I guess a way which ends up creating more emotional and stressful situations.

Negative emotions and negative energy that tends to go with it just have to be channeled the right way, which isn't always easy. But that doesn't apply only to this particular case (being angered by injustice), but to stress and frustration in general.

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