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software refunds could get costly for hardware manufacturers

Most computers come with microsoft windows preinstalled, and then some more software such as virus scanners, cd burning apps, and often some "crapware". The manufacturer actually gets paid for preinstalling some of that software, in particular the crapware and often the virus scanner (which will have a limited subscription).

One can get a refund not only for windows, but also for all the other preinstalled software, even when the manufacturer actually got paid for including it! So if one wants a cheap computer... get one that was already made extra cheap though inclusion of lots of unwanted crapware, then ask for a refund Smiling .

(this is a comment on this news, google translation here)


Most people here probably


Most people here probably already know about this, but just to add a few links for people wanting a windows or crapware refund: (french) (english) (french petition against "racketiciels")
How to get a windows refund (english)

Note: "racketiciels" is the french name given to all the "crapware" coming preinstalled.

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