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Template contest results show off capabilities of

The contest resulted in some superior and innovative work. "Some of the templates show just how advanced and flexible's OpenDocument format is as both a Word and Spreadsheet ODF processor. The winning templates and many others breaks a myth that cannot do advanced editing functions like Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. It is obvious that has come of age and is more than just a free alternative to MS Office but is an extremely worthy competitor" said Russell Ossendryver, Managing Director of

The winning template, a Thesis template for Writer designed by Matthias Ansorg - the overall detail, comprehensiveness, complexity, presentation, [and] use of different elements and functions. The entry not only included drawing elements and hyperlink organization, but also a CD, and a use of lists and colors that is exceptional. The implementation of the Bibliography and use of it was excellent. 2nd place winner, a perpetual calender in Calc made advanced use of formulas and is a great template for all users. The 5th place winner, out of the shear complexity and innovation of the template. It also demonstrated how one can add to and create many other useful applications and advanced ODF documents. ran this competition in conjunction with the Documentation Project and has committed to a 2007 competition. "We want to keep adding ODF templates to the Openoffice template repository as the ODF standard keeps gaining popularity" said Russell " lives as open SOURCE Community of the interest and commitment of its users and project members". The templates can be viewed here:






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