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The Future of has been founded in September 2004, almost exactly 9 years ago, as an open source community platform. Since then it has evolved through a number of iterations. We gathered around a small community of Free and Open Source Software enthusiasts and made this a place where we talk about the politics and economics of software development, and later the political and economic implications of technological development and application in general.

We collaborated with entrepreneurs on ideas and development. We created a research paper. We did interviews with a few influential figures, and we discussed philosophy and current trends in the realm of "digital freedom".

However, around 2010 the community fizzled out, and the project stalled. This coincided with my significant ideological shift towards libertarianism and the way I went about showing it, which alienated some people, and joining of another web publishing company to work on their own projects full time. I still kept this site, as well as its sister site, up and running, but there was not much activity.

The time has come for this to change. I no longer work for the aforementioned publishing company, and I've resolved to get back to working on my own projects, including this site, taking advantage of skills and experience gathered in recent years as well as a mature idea of where I want to lead them. will thus be streamlined into a focused web site with two main components; key resources, and editorials. The focus will be consistent to what it was before; the intersection between technology and liberty, but it will be sharper, and less abstract. Resources to be developed will cover technologies and applications which are key to individual liberty, personal empowerment, and overall positive social change. Examples include encryption technology, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, alternative sustainable energy sources like solar, and so on. The aim is to make our resources the best, and most useful on the web. Our resource pages will be updated regularly, and developed to have long term value. The focus will be on quality over quantity.

The editorials will include commentary and discussions about technologies and their effect on liberty, society, and our future. One of the main topics of our editorials will be how to build a better future while taking advantage of available and upcoming technologies, as well as advanced philosophical ideas going beyond traditional politics. Guest posting will be welcome.

Old content will be audited for inclusion into the new structure. What will not be selected will be archived, including forums. This will be a second archive to be maintained for The aim is to preserve all existing URLs to old content so whomever finds anything useful among it through a search engine can still access it easily.

That's a rough overview of where I'm going with It will be a gradual development, and it will start with some architectural changes (switching from Drupal to Wordpress, and in the process possibly improving the site's design). The logo will stay the same.


Re: The Future of

That is good news! :-)

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