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The Role and Value of Truly Free Linux Distributions

"As GNU/Linux becomes more popular, the motives behind its inceptions are often forgotten. Linux is a free operating system, but its broadening userbase perceives this freedom as pertaining to cost, not rights and liberty. It's important to step back and remind ourselves of the purpose and importance of distributions which try to make a difference, sometimes at the cost of ease of installation and use."

"To sum up, betting one's business on a Linux distribution that is truly Free is a case of controlling one's own destination, direction- and expense-wise. The inconveniences encountered initially, while getting accustomed to a simplified and stripped-down version of Linux, are short-lived. That is because when correct hardware configurations and combinations are chosen (e.g. in the next hardware refresh cycle), there is no trouble ahead. Au Contraire -- trouble is only caused when hardware is picked with long-lasting dependency on the company from which it was bought." -- Read more


Gobuntu is touted as 100%

Gobuntu is touted as 100% Free, but it appears it has failed on that objective because of inclusion of Firefox instead of the modified IceWeasel.

The article clearly explains the issue which has apparently been confusing mostly due to misinformation coming from Mozilla Corp. (at least as it would seem evident from the article):

The issue is so simple, I can explain it in 12 words: the copyright license governing these files does not permit modification or redistribution. That’s it. Really. Anyone who claims the issue is more complicated than that is either misinformed or lying.

So the confusion comes from the fact people consider trademarks an issue independent from Free Software and miss the fact that copyright too is involved here, which does change the picture quite a bit. These images are basically non-free works making redistribution of an otherwise Free Software Firefox package restricted - hence making it non-free software. So hmm.. I'm using a non-free package of Firefox on Ubuntu, and I wouldn't be any better off on Gobuntu. :\

Even Fedora, another 100%


Even Fedora, another 100% free distribution, comes with Firefox as Firefox, and not as <>.
It seems there can be even more freedom than 100% freedom. ;)-

reptiler wrote: It seems

reptiler wrote:

It seems there can be even more freedom than 100% freedom. ;)-

Only when 100% parades as 99% I'd say. Smiling

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