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Update: Catherine Phelps freedom symbol inside our logo, crystal icons added..

Greetings again.

I'd like to keep you updated about what i am doing on this site so you be sure it's getting closer to it's final launch (at least version 1, version 2 would be yours to mold Eye I designed a logo for this site, you might want to check it' 'story'.. Just click to read more..After a little research on appropirate freedom symbols and the way i can incorporate it into the logo of this site for it to visualy symbolize the meaning of the word libervis ('most free' or 'vision of liberty') and therefore the main principle of the site (freedom) i finaly designed the what is to be the official logo of this community portal. So let's describe it a bit (it's on top of the page). The logo generaly represents the eye that envisiones freedom to the whole world which is symbolized with the freedom logo in the middle and the shade of blue planet earth from the left. The freedom symbol in the middle is designed by Katherine Phelps and has been taken from here with the permission that is given on the site. She explains the symbol: 'I have created a symbol that I trust people will find useful and pass on. The image is of the sun rising out of a box. The idea is that we are better able to shine, to grow to our full potential, when we are able to live freely.'
I was impressed by it and it as well as it's symbolics so i decided to incorporate it into the logo. She also attached a motto to it that explains its rallying focus: 'Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Being'. Nothing more to add except, freedom of sharing information, that is, free software. Eye
Besides designing a logo, i added some crystal icons to the left main menu and forums that just add the site some special 'crystaly' feeling. The icons were designed by Everaldo Coelho, known icon designer for linux. Speaking of changing the looks, i slightly modified the background colors of the left menu and the title bars in center boxes to make the theme looks at least a bit more unique. I think a got the general feel i wanted. Your suggestions are welcome though.
Still to do are frequently asked questions that will explain free software, open source and this site as part of that world and refining the category's for article section and blogs. But some refinements would probably be required on the fly after the site has benn 'fully launched'. However, you can register already. the site is almost complete and the official launch date is a few days near, after when this site will by my efforts become much more alive than it is. You can contribute by recognizing the vision and joining Eye
Thanks for your attention.
Daniel Orsolic