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UPDATE: Growing and improving!

As expected and planned, is starting to grow. The site is becoming more active and therefore more interesting to our visitors (i.e. you) because now you have much more to read, comment on or discuss. However, it is just the beginning. The site is going to grow further both in it's quality and it's quantity measures providing you the best experience of the open source/free software universe.The growth being experienced includes the increase of the visitors per day, very fast increase of our link popularity, the slow but sure increase in number of registrations all resulting in the increase of interesting content on forums. And while it's all in it's infancy, even at these rates, further growth and even acceleration can be reasonably expected. That by itself can be a reason more for you to join and by joining additionally helping the growth of this site.
The latest article, "open source and post-capitalistic society" had a good impact on the open source/free software community, being published on newsforge and linux today as well as recommended on a few places as an interesting reading material. It started quite a discussion which you are free to join on the article page among comments or on this forum thread.
I will use this opportunity to announce you another similar article that will be written by one of my associates and based on that existing one. It will clarify some points brought out in the original and enrich it by additional comments by the author. All other information in regard to it will be known to you once it's been published here on We also have a new expert blogger that is willing to contribute the community in our blogs section. If you stay with us, you'll be able to know who. Eye

I hope that these are the reasons enough to stay tuned to

Thank you!
Daniel Orsolic