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Used Technology Can Be Green

Technology is constantly changing. It seems as though computers, televisions, media players and smartphones are more advanced the second you purchase a new one. While some people keep their electronics for longer periods of time, there are others who prefer to stay on top of the latest trends. No matter when you choose to get rid of your old electronics, you need to learn how to recycle them properly to protect the environment. DirecTV makes it easy for you to recycle all your electronics.

DirecTV Electronics Recycling

DirecTV recognizes how important it is to properly recycle old electronics, rather than disposing of them with your regular trash. For this reason, they have decided to launch an easy-to-use electronics recycling program for their subscribers. This program allows subscribers to recycle their old receivers, as well as up to four other electronics items, including cell phones, computers and DVD players. Those who are interested in using this program should visit the DirecTV web site recycling website and make their request. After answering a few easy questions, they can print the label and send the items off to the nearest recycling center.


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) aims to protect the environment from all kinds of threats. Electronics in the landfill is one of them. Their website provides residents with tips for what they can do with their electronics when they no longer want to use them. One of their suggestions is to either donate them or recycle them. The EPA provides United States residents with a list of places that accept electronics donations, as well as locations at which individuals can recycle them instead. Before you take them in, though, it is important to wipe out all your information to help prevent identity theft and other issues.

Best Buy Recycling

Another major retailer that offers help with electronics recycling is Best Buy. As one of the largest electronics retailers in the country, Best Buy wants to make sure that their customers are responsible with the electronics they no longer use. The store accepts a large number of electronics and other appliances to give their customers an easy way to get rid of things they no longer use. These items include televisions, DVD players, audio equipment, video equipment, video games, phones and more. Some items can be dropped off in the kiosks in the front of the store, while others can be turned in at the customer service desk.

Recycling old electronics has become essential to save the environment. With all the electronics people are trading in because of the advances in technology, these items would quickly fill up the landfills. In addition, these items are often filled with valuable materials, as well as potentially dangerous materials. Companies like DirecTV and Best Buy want to do their best to help their customers protect the environment for future generations. This is why they have created easy-to-use recycling programs that encourage people to safely recycle their electronics instead of throwing them out with their regular trash. Before you get rid of your electronics, check out these programs so you can do your part.