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When Bullies Rule: A Call For Patent Reform in America

"I suggest we do something to bring about patent reform in the United States. Look, maybe just start with a discussion in your local GLUG, LUG, FSUG or developer group. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper. I don't care if you organize a good, old-fashioned 1960's-styled demonstration (complete with flower power signs). Call your congressperson, senator, mayor - whoever. But let's start working on this whole patent reform thing.

The FOSS community should write IBM and Sun and all the rest and encourage them to do the same. Heck, go down the road to the farmer milking his cows and get him in on it, if you can. And maybe our friends across the pond can scream about the "bloody legal morass" that America has become. And no, I don't care which pond - it can be the Atlantic or the Pacific or both. The point is, we need to scream to the highest heaven for patent reform.

The Free Software Foundation and other FOSS/Free Culture organizations should promote the call for patent reform heavily." -- Read more


No half-way solutions if you

No half-way solutions if you ask me. Software patents in US must be prohibited. Period.

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