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Wow, Bill, this thing is Defective!

Having a "Wow moment" with Windows Vista? Bill Gates invites you to share them on Monday January 29th at the Vista launch event.

FSF's DefectiveByDesign and BadVista campaigns plan to be there outside the event and they invite you to come along as well.
According to the email announcement sent to the mailing list, " and are organizing events to coincide with Microsoft's launch of the Vista Operating System in New York City on Monday, January 29th at 11am and 2pm in Times Square and further east near Grand Central Station" to "share some “Wow moments,“ with Bill Gates and other invited guests."

Of course, those would probably be wow moments of a different kind than Bill Gates is expecting.

Unfortunately though, as it turns out this open invitation isn't so open after all, since you have to get an invite to be able to attend the main event. The email further notes:

" would like to take Mr. Gates up on his open invitation. But since the Web site Microsoft set up to collect the "wow moments" doesn't work with free software browsers, we decided to deliver our message in person.
Conveniently, Microsoft is hosting a high-profile launch event in Times Square in New York City on Monday, January 29th, featuring a keynote by Steve Ballmer. That's not too far away from us, so we thought we'd show up and share.
Turns out, they don't want to hear your "wow" moment unless you are important and have an invitation. organizer, John Sullivan asked for one, but we were refused:

"Thank you very much for your e-mail and for your interest in the Launch Celebration. Unfortunately, because of the limited capacity, additional invitations are not being offered."

So, we won't be inside the event. But we'll be there. We need you to be there too -- and it's OK if you don't have an invitation. Come join us in sharing a "wow moment": the realization that Vista imposes restrictions we simply won't accept on freedoms we value."

It should be interesting to see this. There truly are many things about Windows Vista that could wow you. It just depends which those are.



Damn New York is on the

Damn New York is on the otherside of the Atlantic or I'd be there. I hope it goes well and action they take gets into the mainstream press.

Yeah, same is with me, but

Yeah, same is with me, but it'd still be cool to see some photos and news reports by mainstream press. Smiling



here's a wow for you M$: you spent five years and billions of dollars producing a product that offers no real benefits over XP to anyone save the recording and film industries. Oh and yourselves of course. Here's the big WOW though: you actually have most people thinking your products are worth the price of admission! pfft.

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