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The purpose of this article is to determine if the possibility of free software movement causing a new post-capitalistic society exist. In order to answer that question we are going to follow these steps:

- Define capitalism
- Define it's problems
- Focus on information technology and determine if and why is capitalism handling it improperly
- Determine the relations between capitalism and free software movement
- Can and how can free software movement cause a new "post-capitalist" society?

What is capitalism?

In his article \"Open Source and Post Capitalistic Society\" , Daniel Orsolic assumes that the Capitalistic society has come to an end, and why FOSS will eventually lead us to a new kind of society, the \"Post Capitalistic\" Society, the Information age.

Some people worry that free software/open source movement leads to the developers being a new "workers" class exploited by the free software companies. In the time when big companies such as RedHat, Sun, HP, Novell etc. are proving how economically viable open source business model can be, some people wonder what's up with "poor" free software programmers and developers who happily contribute their work and source codes to the community for the sake of freedom and bettering the whole society without getting anything in return, economically speaking.

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There is a relation between technology and capitalism. And there is a relation between open source and free software movement and so to be called post-capitalism. What is post-capitalistic society and where are these relations?