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A Better World Is Possible

By Punkerslut

"It regards reality as the sole enemy and as the source of all suffering, with which it is impossible to live, so that one must break off all relations with it if one is to be in any way happy. The hermit turns his back on the world and will have no truck with it. But one can do more than that; one can try to recreate the world, to build up in its stead another world in which its most unbearable features are eliminated and replaced by others that are in conformity with one's own wishes."

-- Sigmund Freud


Copyright, Intellectual Property and Mozart
Published by Prosario_2000 on 2005/6/1 (215 reads)


Ubuntu is a beautiful word in one african language. It means something close to "connected humanity" or more exactly "the interdependent human community".
With this name, the Ubuntu Linux Distribution, created by Canonical, the company of Mark Shuttleworth, the deep-space zillionaire from South Africa, has managed to take over the Distrowatch Billboard of GNU/Linux distributions and remain as the number one distribution for more than 6 months.

The Great Plan of Insurrection
The One Big Union

By Punkerslut

An Appeal to the American Workers

Concerning the social and economic status of the United States of America...

By Punkerslut

" seems to be in a worse state even than the brutes..."

-- Samuel von Pufendorf, "On the Duty of Man and Citizen," Book 1, Chapter 3


Computing Our Liberty: July 2005


The Origins of Anarchy
By Punkerslut

[Author's Note: Started in May of 2005. Completed on July 7, 2005.]

"When, in some obscure country town, the farmers come together to a special town meeting, to express their opinion on some subject which is vexing the land, that, I think, is the true Congress, and the most respectable one that is ever assembled in the United States."

-- Henry David Thoreau,
"Slavery in Massachusetts," 1906 Houghton Mifflin edition printing

The Proprietary Curse

Computing Our Liberty: June 2005

Loosing the spirit?

\"Linux\", \"Open Source\", \"Free Software\", these are just some of the new major buzzwords floating around in the information technology world, each one having a different meaning to all of us, each one capable of inducing a different image in our minds of what the true sense of those words are. The average person might only see them as merely a great contribution to any young revolutionaries lexicon, and in this capitalist society made to believe that these things are somehow wrong.