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Ashok malhotra

� Ashok Malhotra June 2005
Any part of this publication may be reprinted freely by any person provided reference is given


Copyright has a reason for being. In principle, no one should be against copyright. It is a matter for social justice to some extent within capitalist relations of production.

Free Software Model in other Areas of Economy(*)

Authors: Jose Monserrat Neto(1), Danijel Orsolic(2), Ivan Stojic(3)

(1) Computer Science Department - Universidade Federal de Lavras (UFLA)
Lavras - MG - Brazil

(2) - Zagreb - Croatia

(3) Department of Mathematics - Faculty of Science - University of Zagreb
Zagreb - Croatia

rijik [at], libervis [at], ivstojic [at]

Computing Our Liberty: May 2005

Yet another month has passed, full of events, screaming thoughts and voices, virtual fights, victories and defeats. But the "war" is still raging. And this column is on the "computing liberty front", with small people like you and me with great multiplied power, fighting for a simple freedom to be masters of our own computers, our own digital destiny and our "hidden" urge to cooperate for our and everyone's benefit.

Software Patents: Screaming in the night: "Where is the light!"

Since this is the first edition of new \"Computing Our Liberty\" monthly \"look-back commentary and announcements article\" i would first like to introduce you to it. The idea is to *compute* our computing liberties as they were the past month time and as they are now. This means that we will review and comment major free software related events happening last month and their impact on our computing freedoms, that is, mainly our software freedoms.

When I wrote \"Why the Free Software Movement is Doomed to Failure\" I dismissed mankinds desire for Freedom. That was a premise that instantly knocked the foundations for my text to pieces. Freedom is a core value in people and no individual is willing to give it up voluntarily. Dismissing Freedom simply is unrealistically pessimistic.

As I stated earlier, people are not flocking to Free Software. The question is; why? Individuals value Freedom. Groups value Freedom. Why is Free Software still not as dominant as Closed Source Software (CSS) then?

The Free Software Movement is a shining example of a group of people believing in ideals that seem to be worth believing in. Software should be Free, meaning that everybody has a right to use, modify and distribute it if they so desire. Complete and free sharing of the basic building blocks of our current society. Freedom of information.

What is information?

But let us first define information.
One of the best and most clear definitions i\'ve found is that information is \"knowledge acquired through study, experience or instruction\". So basically, information is knowledge. It is a \"know-what\", \"know-where\", \"know-when\", \"know-how\" and know-why. When the one knows something it has an information.

About the Potential of E-democracy

Jos� Monserrat Neto1
1 UFLA, Computer Science Department,
Campus da UFLA, Lavras, MG, Brazil