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Click here to Download a small yet interesting book about future events pertaining to computer tech, robots, the world and more.

At some point, in the relatively soon future, the average citizen will begin to watch and realize that all of this stuff we call technology, has evolved throughout the ages, into what was needed for a computer system to actually be called the beast to emerge onto the scene as a capable entity, controlling all aspects of everything. And, it all came together from all points to become this thing.
Look around, all being made and used, will someday be combined to create this thing, and yes, some will love it, even as they love technology now, but more. And, using it's physically animated part, Link (humanoid robot), it will be able to go and do anything we could do, to enforce it's control over our world. We will all realize that everything invented and created has been made only to give us this massive AI program that is almost alive, but you wouldn't want to tell it that you thought that it was ALMOST alive, because it may deem you worth investigating further and may possibly find you insane.
This would of course allow it to ward you off to the nearest facility to handle you as an unworthy citizen needing reprimanded due to your anti-social behavior. You would more than likely have to apologize publicly just to be able to comply with current laws at the time and so you could go on with your life.

Eh, perhaps, who knows? However, below is an excerpt of a small book written for those that would enjoy thinking more about a future world with events occurring in a not so conventional way. I believe in God, and I, also, believe that God gave me most of the concepts, ideas and thoughts included in this book.
Small book, yes, but could be interesting to the right person. And, I really do know and understand how to create the massive computer program formulating a human mind. I would like to actually work with some programmer/s to create it and set it free by introducing it into the world through sales, marketing and/or even uploading it to the WWW. Also, I would like to work with some for to make a movie of the book, and watch it on the flat-screen.

Excerpt from: "Come What Shall" copyright 2002

So then, The Lord Jesus gave me specific knowledge for writing a computer program that could think (as we understand thinking), reason, learn and make decisions, but much faster. Immediately after receiving all of the knowledge and information for this program, I really had no idea of a practical use for it. He, then, began showing me that a computer with this intelligence could easily be the personal computer (PC) that we've always wanted and actually giving new meaning to the term "personal computer." The fact is, nobody would ever have to touch it except to do hardware upgrades/maintenance. To operate it, one would speaking to it, just like you would speak to someone employed by you, or to a co-worker. I knew how this could be possible with the recent advances in voice recognition programs.
All of this was very important, and then, He began showing me how a program this powerful could actually be used in a much bigger and better application. It would be ideal for a vast computer system. The computer system that He was showing me is, of course, the same type that is eventually going to be called "The Beast." It will have a program such as this one.
I had zero computer experience or knowledge of how to write an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program. So, immediately I began researching, and studying to learn all that would be needed in order to write this program and acquire the necessary skills to create such a thing. Even though I wasn’t sure if I would be the one to create it, I found it very much a challenge and fun.
Within a short period of time, I realized The Lord must have created this desire in me from the start. I was enjoying it so much and wishing I had gotten into it much earlier in life.
Then, He showed me that having a human-like mind was the only thing that had been missing, keeping the Robotics' people from seeing their dream come true. To have a robot that could walk, talk and do almost everything exactly the way we humans always have, you have to have the capable mind, to organize and synchronize everything. All of the hardware technology needed to create this robot had been available for several decades. I then saw that this AI program, or at least one quite similar, is exactly what is needed. A scaled down version of the larger AI program of the beast.
The Lord God Almighty told me that He gave all of this to me as part of His purpose to bring about a certain conclusion to the system of things or “The World” as we have always known it to be, especially in these modern times with high technology.