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Download flash videos with

This is a much more convenient way to download flash videos without needing a flash plugin than using youtube-dl and works with a lot more sites than YouTube.

Downloading a YouTube video you usually get a "get_video" file so you should rename it into something like "video-name.flv" where "video-name" is whatever name you wish to identify it by and .flv is just an extension so your system can know what it is.



Keepvid doesn't do anything


I'm new to this. I've put KeepIt on my desktop in Safari, gone to the Dailymotion site and started (but not finished) loading the video I want. Clicked Keept It on the toolbar and I'm taken to The Keepvid page. It shows the URL under original link but nothing in the top space. I've changed the option to DailyMotion, copied the URL to the top bar and pressed submit.
It just says please try again.
What is happening ?? Please.
No luck with Camino either.

It seems that some sites are

It seems that some sites are better supported than others. YouTube seems to work every time for me, but I had some issues with metacafe for example. Note that is still in beta stage (if you believe the sign they have on the site) so this means not everything necessarily works perfectly. I didn't try dailymotion though.